What's in a Name?

One of our customers, we'll call him Mr. A for short, left us this review on EnergySage.com.

"Verisolar responded to my EnergySage bid request in a timely fashion, though their response was that my roof geometry and current grid pricing didn't make an ideal solar candidate from a financial perspective. I suspected that might be the case, and I appreciate both their honesty and responsiveness. I can't comment on the other rating categories as I did not pursue them as an installer, so I'm leaving those blank." (https://www.energysage.com/supplier/21723/verisolar/)

It's no coincidence that the "Veri" in our company name is Latin for "truth". Truth in Solar. We tell the truth. Even if it means we don't make a sale.

Solar Panel Installation Fact: roof geometry is a very important factor in capturing the sunlight. You could have the best panels that money can buy, but if your roof isn't positioned to capture that sunlight optimally, the return on your investment will take longer. 

At Verisolar, you can expect this kind of integrity from all of our employees. Call our sales team, and they'll give you an honest quote.