Solar Rewards for Your Business

Commercial Solar Benefits

Installing a commercial solar power system is an excellent way to benefit from fixed electrical operating costs while fulfilling corporate environmental goals. By taking advantage of your already open roof space or covered parkways, you may be able to reduce operating costs, claim tax benefits, and help to decrease your company’s carbon footprint. 

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce electricity expense

You own the system = power generator

Cash flow can be obtained as early as the first year after installation

Tax Benefits

30% Federal Tax Credit 

10% Texas Franchise Tax Credit

Accelerated depreciation can be used on the installation of the solar panel system

Greener Facility

Enhances public relations

A selling point to the community

Reduce carbon footprint

Verisolar offers customized solar solutions for your business or upcoming projects on your commercial building. We offer turnkey projects including solar site evaluation, permitting, installation, and commissioning.