Earth Day 2018

Celebrate Earth Day every day by going solar! Here are a few environmental benefits of solar.

Running a 5 kW system over a 30 year production period is like:

Planting 3000 trees (1).png
  • Planting 3000 trees

  • Cutting out 22 years of driving

  • Recycling 41 tons of materials

  • Not burning 60 tons of coal or 15,000 gallons of gasoline

By going solar, you also help control climate change, contribute to clean air, a healthier environment, and use your roof to save green space. 

Make an investment you can feel good about! 

Want to know how much solar your roof can produce? It takes just a few seconds to fill out a request for a complimentary quote right here. Let us help you achieve your solar potential today and show you the Verisolar Difference!