The Solar Buyer's Guide Series - Houston Solar Cost

In recent years, the number of residential solar installations has grown drastically. This growth is driven by great improvements in technology and reductions in cost. Many homeowners who were not able to benefit from the technologies are finding that they can generate a surprising amount of power for a price that they can afford. 

The intent of this series is to improve your ability to understand and evaluate the options available in the solar market, and to ultimately select the option that most closely matches your vision for your solar project.

The Average Solar Project

One thing that is helpful to know up front is what a home solar installation project looks like. For an average home in the Houston area, you can expect a system between 7kW and 9kW in size, and range between $20,000 and $28,000 before any of the tax benefits apply. After you apply the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, the post-incentive range of those same systems is $14,000 - $19,600. That same average home would expect this solar installation to reduce its electrical bills by 60-80%.

Here’s a picture of an 8.4 kW Solar Installation, so you can visualize how it compares to your home’s roof



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Stay tuned for more coming from our solar buyer's guide series.