5 Questions with Jorge

Get to know one of our solar installers. Here are 5 questions with Jorge.

Q: What was your first job?

A: My first job was at the industrial sized laundromat at what was then Caesars Tahoe. A special sheriff's card or permit was required as teenage minor, a lifetime ago.

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

A: Growing up in mountainous regions both in Mexico and the U.S., I fostered what many would call a sort of communion and appreciation for the Creator's awesomeness. Outdoor sports like cycling, skiing, rock climbing, and hiking were a staple of my youth. 

Q: What's a book or movie you really enjoy?

A: Of course, for me it's the Holy Bible.  It is a wonderful and endless river of instruction and living knowledge.

Q: How would you describe our company?

A: Verisolar has been very flexible in so many respects. From acquiring specialty equipment for safety and process efficiency, to accommodating our employees' work schedules based on everyday life issues or personal beliefs, Verisolar is a special kind of company. We have diverse and gifted personnel who are laying the foundation to a bright future. 

Q: Who is someone you really admire?

A: Irena Sendler.  There are millions of examples of self-sacrifice for the sake of others but there are few who willingly risk it all for the love of their fellow human beings. Repair of the world is always within each person.