The Solar Buyer's Guide Series - Cost per What?

Flat Cost vs. Cost per Watt

Nearly every solar quote should include both a cost and a cost per watt. Both are critical in understanding the numbers in different solar proposals. If it’s not provided, you can figure out the cost per watt by dividing the total cost of the system by the system wattage (remember, 1kW = 1000W).

Cost per watt can be conceptually difficult to understand. Generally, the lower the price per watt, the greater the “value” of the system.

Cost Per Watt.png

Company C’s unit price is the lowest. Their price at first glance looks higher than that of Company A, but you are paying less for each watt of production capability. If the quotes are otherwise similar in terms of materials, warranty, included services and you have similar confidence in each company then Company C would be the choice of the savvy homeowner. 

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