Solar: Not One Size Fits All

You don’t go car shopping and have only one vehicle to choose from with only one set of options. Clothing retailers do not offer you one set of pants to choose from in one color and one size. Sounds silly, right? 

So why should you have only ONE size or option for your solar panel installation.

A common misconception that I hear from solar shoppers is that they got one quote and it’s too expensive for them. A good solar panel design should be scalable based on each customer’s energy goals and budget.

Another misconception I hear is that solar is 100% OR BUST, or that there is no point in going solar if you can’t cover 100 percent of your usage. We stress that there is just as much value in covering 25 percent of your bill as there is 100 percent. Remember, to achieve more bill coverage, you must pay for a larger system.

Here's the breakdown:

solar panel system price.png

To put it in perspective, let’s say you go to store to quench your thirst. The 16 ounces could serve you just as well as the 64 ounces. It depends on YOUR situation at the time.

Size of system is just one of many choices that you should have during your solar shopping experience. Your quote should not seem to be a “take it or leave it” offer. The most important thing in making sure that your project ends up the way YOU want it. We are ready to help you with your solar project here.