Solar Appreciation Day

Today is Solar Appreciation Day. We decided to ask our customers, "What does solar mean to you?" 

“For me, solar is a way of overcoming some of the problems mankind has faced in the last 300 years, and I support it because it has to be supported.” - Mr. Wilson

Ted told us why he invested in a solar panel system, "I feel that I encourage the solar industry to continue making progress on solar technologies and hope that one day solar energy will become the primary source of energy for the world and make this world a better place to live."

He also gave us three more reasons why he personally appreciates solar:

"Solar energy is free and abundant. It's an ideal source of energy for the world in the forever future."
"Solar energy is clean and produces no pollution to raise the Earth's temperature."
"As a citizen of the world, I feel obligated to support the effort of harvesting sufficient solar energy to meet the world's demand."

Here are more reasons to appreciate solar.


A solar panel system installation is a great hedge against rising electricity prices. In addition, your solar panel system reduces the cost of your electricity bills. Best of all, you'll continue to save throughout the full system life of 25+ years. A solar panel system increases the value of your home if you decide to sell. The Federal Government also issues 30% of the solar panel system value as a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. 100% of Texas property taxes is exempt on the value of your solar improvement. 

Environmental Benefits

Going solar helps leave a cleaner, healthier planet for you and your family. An average 5-10kW residential solar panel system running for 20 years can eliminates carbon emission by as much as 60 tons of coal or 15,000 gallons of gasoline.