Your Roof And Solar: A Match Made In Savings Heaven.

You have decided that solar is right for you and want to install solar panels on your roof. Now what? The marriage between each roof and system is unique. Your roof structure plays a huge role in how many solar panels can fit and how much power you can actually produce. This will determine your return on investment. 

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  • Roof orientation: A south facing roof is the ideal orientation. However, east or west will work. We do not recommend any north facing roofs in most cases.
  • Shade: The amount of energy each solar panel produces will be directly reduced by the amount of shade covering each panel, so less shade, of course, is always better. 
  • Roof material: Asphalt shingles or metal roofs are best, but almost any kind of roofing material will work.
  • Roof age: As long as your roof is in good condition, there’s no need to replace your roof before you go solar.
  • Roof size: More space is better, but we will work with you to find the right size system for your space.
  • Pitch: The slope of your roof isn’t as important as your roof orientation, but it can affect your solar energy production. To get technical, 30 degrees is ideal, but the pitch is relatively unimportant.

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