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General Solar Panel System Questions

How much of my energy usage would my solar system cover?

This depends on how much solar capacity you install on your home, and how much power you use. For a detailed estimate, speak with our sales team about your project and we'll draw up our best estimate of what you'll see post-installation.

How long would my payback period be on my solar system?

This depends on your cost of electricity. In Texas, average payback periods range from 10 to 15 years.

How will billing work with my utility?

You will still receive your electrical bill from your utility, but the amount should be less.

How will solar affect my homeowner's insurance?

You won't need to take out additional policies, but you might see a small increase in the premium of your Homeowner's Insurance due to the increase value of the property. However, you are 100% exempt from your property tax despite the increase in your property value.

What warranties are available on my panels? On your workmanship/the installation itself?

Each panel comes with a standard warranty that covers factory defects and guarantees a certain level of power production. These are always long warranties, but specifics do vary based on the model of panel you select. The industry standard warranty period on the panels is 25 years. The workmanship of Verisolar is warrantied for 5 years, which should be plenty of time to discover if there was an error in our work. Most competitors only offer 12 month warranties!

Which rebates and incentives am I eligible for?

The most important is the 30% Federal Tax Credit, but there may be additional local or municipal credits you can apply for. 

When would I receive the Federal solar tax credit? How much is it?

You receive this tax credit when you file your taxes. It will be worth 30% of the cost of the solar panel system.

Solar Panel Installation Questions

Who will be working on my roof and how much experience do they personally have installing solar?

Our solar team consists of experienced professionals with more than 10 years of personal experience doing both large commercial and small residential projects.

How long will solar panel installation take?

The actual installation could be as little as a day or as many as three.

Will the age or type of my roof affect the cost of solar panel installation?

We recommend newer roofs for solar panel installation (it doesn't affect cost, but when you have to replace an older roof, remounting a solar array is a time and cost intensive process). Unless your roof is very exotic, there should be no additional charges based on roof type.

How will solar panel installation affect my roof? Will it create leaks? What if it does?

Roof penetrations are necessary in order to secure the solar panels. Verisolar is aware of this possibility, and the protection of your home is our highest priority.  Our workmanship guarantee covers roof leaks caused by solar panel installation. 

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