Residential Solar Installations

When it comes to finding a residential solar provider in Houston, the options can be overwhelming. Our team consults with each of our customers to understand your home and average energy consumption to design a custom solar panel system that best meets your needs.



We wholeheartedly believe in the quality of our product. We leave no question unanswered and no detail overlooked, making the switch to solar seamless.



We extend a five-year warranty for our workmanship, while most of our competitors only guarantee up to a year. If an extreme weather event should loosen the penetrations in your roof, we’ll be there to fix it.



All of our work is done by our team of in-house, Houston-based engineers, solar installers, coordinators, and master electricians. No outsourcing, no third parties, no 1-800 numbers.



Verisolar navigates all permitting and compliance so you don’t have to. From design and permitting to installation and commissioning, you’ll have a dedicated member of our team on your side.


How home solar panel systems work

The amount of electricity your home solar panels generate depends on how many panels your system has and how much sunlight they receive. The solar panels will generate electricity during the day, send excess electricity back into the grid, and pull it back whenever you need (this is known as “net metering”).

Any surplus electricity your solar panel system generates during the day is sold back to CenterPoint’s utility grid. In exchange, you can still pull from the grid when your system is under-producing.

Want more details about residential solar installations? Check out our guide on how solar panel systems work.

Average costs and savings in Houston for home solar panels

To illustrate the full scope of a residential solar installation and provide you with as much upfront information as possible, we’ve created some guidelines to help you understand what type of costs–and savings–you should be considering for your home solar panel system:

  • For an average home in Houston, you can expect a system of 7kW–9kW

  • Before tax benefits, systems of that size range from $20,000-$28,000

  • After the federal tax credits, which account for up to 30% of the cost of your system, those same systems actually cost closer to $14,000-$19,600

  • That same home would reduce its electrical bills by 60-80% after a home solar panel installation

Check our FAQ for more about tax incentives.


8.4 kW home solar installation in Spring, TX

Check out our project gallery to see more installed solar panel systems for a comparison to your home’s roof.

Take control of your electricity bill.

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