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Your entire solar process is done entirely in-house by Verisolar. Nothing is outsourced to a third party, and we are your resource at every phase of the project. You have a solar panel system with maximized production, a roof free of additional leaks or structural overstress, the ability to produce and track your own power, and the peace of mind knowing that each step of your solar project was accomplished with utmost attention to quality.

Site Survey

Our solar team review your rafters and structural supports inside the roof and your main electrical panel sizing and condition. We then produce a 3D model of your home.

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You are assigned a personal Project Manager who will be your liaison throughout the solar project. You will be updated weekly on each aspect of the solar project to ensure that you are not overly inconvenienced and are kept informed as to what is going on.

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Our in-house professional engineers will turn the layout you approved into a final solar design package. Our solar panel systems are engineered to last.

We optimize production, ensure the integrity of your home, and help you achieve worry-free power production for years to come.

Engineering and Design

We navigate any and all required permitting processes so that you don’t have to.  Most solar projects require city permits for electrical approval, structural review, and floodplain review.

We work closely with CenterPoint to help you get approval to interconnect your solar array and upgrade your meter. We also work with your HOA to arrange any necessary review and approval for each solar project.


Our solar installations use only the highest quality components. We take great care with the workmanship of the solar panel system that will go on your home.    

Our priorities during the installation: solar panel installations are fully code compliant, the integrity of your home is preserved, the solar panel system performs well, and any experience with our crew is friendly and enjoyable. 

What we do to maximize the appeal of your solar panel system: manage wire and conduit runs to minimize visual impact, ensure solar panels are precisely aligned, and avoid unnecessarily visible railing.

The process itself takes anywhere from 3 days to a week.


We arrange and liaison for all required inspections. We’ll be present so you don’t have to be.


Our solar panel systems come with free panel-level production monitoring. You will be able to check production from your phone or computer at any time.

If something happens to your solar panel system, you will receive an email alert; even if you aren’t actively monitoring you never have to worry about it.

Monitoring and Maintenance


Going solar is an affordable way to avoid rising energy costs while helping leave a cleaner planet for you and your family.

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