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"Verisolar's entire team is patient, eager and skilled. I have never seen a more enthusiastic group of people. They took the time and were diligent in addressing all our concerns. Their crew was careful, conscientious and respectful. They followed up and made sure we understood and were happy - and even stopped by after Harvey to do an inspection."

- The Filby's

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Great Company!!!! Very informative, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
— S.H.
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Verisolar’s team is very knowledgeable and responsive. I enjoyed working with them very much.
— T.V.

"Verisolar was very quick and professional during every part of our transaction. I was especially pleased at the rigorous quoting process--by the time I agreed to pay a penny I already felt like I knew exactly what I was getting in to. I highly recommend contacting them if you are remotely curious about getting solar panels on your home!"

- Scott Richardson

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We were taking bids from various companies and Verisolar was very quick and helpful in getting us pricing and rates. Additionally, I didn’t feel pressured by them which was nice.
— R.L.
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Tough job done well. Our roof is shared, super high and super pitched. Verisolar was able to do a great job installing the panels and getting through the process on time and on budget. Smooth. Great folks to work with. Very pleased.
— K.L.L.

"Verisolar came out and performed a 3D scan of our house. They came out on the agreed upon day and time! Met with Winnie and Clinton and both were very considerate of our house (inside and out) and professional. Winnie came prepared with a proposal and was willing to work with us on our needs."

- Chris H

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Verisolar responded to my bid request in a timely fashion, though their response was that my roof geometry didn’t make me an ideal solar candidate from a financial perspective. I suspected that might be the case, and I appreciate both their honesty and responsiveness.
— F.A.
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The team was great to work with. Our project was a little technically difficult and they did a great job. Everything went according to plan and we are very happy.
— K.L.

"Very professional from the start of the contract to the time of commissioning the installation to be up on the grid, working exceptionally well with the city permitting process and the local energy provider."

- Srini Kamana